New Release & Review: Returning Home by Riann C. Miller


Returning Home (A Novella)
Riann C. Miller


Contemporary Romance

At fifteen, I fell in love with Luke Runyan.
With just one look, one touch, he became my world until he shattered my heart into a million pieces. No one meets their soulmate when they’re only a kid, yet convincing my heart to move on is a task I never mastered. 
My heart has only ever belonged to one woman, Samantha Harris.
Sam had dreams; dreams I couldn’t deliver, which left me with only one choice… I walked away. 
Whoever said time heals all wounds never lost the love of their life. And they don’t force you back to the same small town you’ve spent your entire adult life avoiding, especially when she’s everywhere you turn.

Juggling the bags in my hands, I manage to get the back door open. My stomach grumbles from the sweet smell of warm cookies. I place the bags on the counter, ready to swipe a cookie from a cooling rack when Margie walks into the kitchen.

“Oh, you came. I wasn’t sure if you’d bring my order this week.”

“I don’t bail on people; you should know that by now.”

I wince when her mouth turns down with a frown.

“I don’t know what I would do without you, Sam. I guess I was just worried things would change now.”

I force a smile, hoping it doesn’t look nearly as fake as it feels. “Nothing is going to change unless of course, you want it to.”

She limps in my direction and pulls me in for a hug. I lost my mother when I was five and over the years, Margie has filled the void I’ve felt. Losing her isn’t an option, at least not one I can live with.

“I would understand if you didn’t want to come by.”

I open my mouth, ready to reply when he walks into the kitchen. The second Luke spots me he freezes, both of our bodies going stiff.

Margie’s eyes follow mine until they stop on her son. “Oh, I thought you were taking a nap.” Her voice shakes, probably expecting all hell to break loose, but I’m not about to act like a crazy ex-girlfriend.“I couldn’t sleep.” Luke’s deep voice rumbles through me. He looks the same, just bigger, harder, tougher compared to the eighteen-year-old I remember.

I clear my throat and my wandering thoughts. “I didn’t check your order before bringing it to you. If you’re missing anything, let me know.”

I lean forward, giving Margie a quick kiss on the cheek. “Have a great day.” Without looking at either of them, I swiftly walk out the back door.

My entire life has been one messy situation after another. I shouldn’t be surprised that Luke of all people would return home and somehow magically become my patient, but damn if I don’t hate my new reality.

Review by Angie Best for Twisted Bitches Book Blog

If you love second chance romances that leave your heart all a flutter…then Returning Home (a novella) is the one for you. This was my first book by author Riann Miller, but I can say it will not be my last. I loved her the authors style of writing. I know in novella’s its hard to give a full story but she got to the heart of the characters and gave us a beautiful HEA.

Samantha Harris found the love of her life at the young age of 15. Well, she knew her heart and knew that Luke Runyan was the one her heart and soul craved…needed. Of course at that age, not many take that love seriously, but she did. She knew their lives were destined to be a one. They both talked about their future…they had hopes and dreams. That is until one day Luke destroyed those dreams in a moment. Sam is left heart broken and with one question, WHY??

Luke Runyan’s life changed the day he saw Sam sitting in a booth in the local diner. One look and he knew his heart was hers. She has such aspirations…college and leave their small town. He isn’t really the type of guy you take home to meet the parents but he can’t stop his heart beating just for Sam. Deep down he knows that he has to make the hardest decision he’s ever faced, he has to walk away. Let her live the life he knows is best for her, without him. So he does, he walks away and leaves his heart in her hands.

Twelve years pass…..Sam has worked hard to make a life for herself. Yes, in that small town she so desperately wanted to leave. Much to her surprise she learns that the man who shattered her hearts has returned home. Their paths cross and Sam is determined to guard herself, she will NOT let anyone shatter her as Luke had. Luke soon realizes that the only person he loved still owns his heart and soul. Now comes the task of showing Sam that she is his calm in the storm….that she is the balm to ease all his pain as he is to her. Can Sam open her heart and risk letting Luke back in?

Being this was a novella, it was quite the quick read for me. However that said, the storyline did not go lacking. My only complaint was I thought the author may have rushed a couple storylines a tad but then again with it being a novella, it would be hard to expound on every topic. The author gave us relatable character and a beautiful story. Along with the Luke and Sam we are given a host of secondary characters that I adored. Sam’s dad….that typical protective dad who see’s his young daughter in love and reacts the way any dad would. I loved the relationship between dad and daughter. They are so supportive of each other. Just as I loved the relationship between son and mother….Luke and Margie. Margie was that mom who always put everyone before her. What was most important in her life was that those she loved were happy. Oh my heart, Katie. That character… will have to read the book to learn all about.

Returning Home was truly a beautiful second chance romance. I would recommend to readers that love a story that give you some angst, breaks your heart only to mend it, gives you all the warm flutters you’d want in a true romance novella.

Hi, I’m Riann. I’ve been obsessed with reading romance novels for close to five years. I love getting to know new people in the book community and I’ve met several people along the way that I consider true friends. I’m happily married with two children. When I’m not reading or writing, I’m usually spending time with my family, friends or watching baseball.


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