Saturday Spotlight: Katherine Rhodes

Saturday Spotlight Katherine Rhodes

Armed with a pen name, Katherine Rhodes has gird her loins and set her mind to writing erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun. As a lackadaisical laundry goddess, and an expert in the profundities of bad music and awful literature-thanks to her husband–Katherine strives to find balance in the universe and time to cook dinner. An East Coast dweller, currently located in the Philadelphia Tristate area, she is the proud servants of three cats and would take a vacation in Prague over a day at the beach any time…

Meet the Author

Where are you from?

I grew up in New Jersey, just outside New York City, but I’ve lived in London (briefly) and Virginia as well. Right now, I’ve landed and cozied in just outside of Philadelpha.

If you had to perform in a talent competition right now, what would your talent be?

Singing. I love singing. I had voice lessons and I’ll still put on a soundtrack and scream–uh, sing along in the car.

What’s your favorite movie quote?

I have two. From very different movies.

1. Henri: “Is there anything you can’t do?”

Danielle: “Fly.”

-Ever After

2. “I hate you. I love you. I will never forgive you.”

Alia Atraides, Children of Dune

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that would surprise your readers.

I’m actually really shy about sex, and I was a virgin until I met my husband. He’s my one and only!

Okay, back to books, what genres do you write?

What genres don’t I write? I write romance, erotic romance erotica, paranormal romance, erotic paranormal romance, and I’m dabbling in something called slipstream. Slipstream is when the story slips from one genre to another: examples are in The Complex. They are erotic paranormal scifi romances. (It’s like, how many genres can I shove in a story!). I’m even working on some superheroes.

What is your inspiration?

Dreams, a lot of the time. Odd things that happen in them, or sometimes the whole dream. Otherwise, it’s all daydreaming. I’ll watch a bad movie and want to make it better. Someone will say something to me, and my brain just takes it and starts running. Someone will give me a title and I feel like the whole plot jumps in my head.

Tell us about your latest book?

Is it possible to have a tie on this one? Actually it’s a three way (ha!)

Young Man Holding Woman's Shoulders, Low Key-The one that was just released this week in the Vault. There’s 22 authors in the anthology and we all have brand new stories. Mine is Innuendo– it’s a spin off of my main series, Club Imperial. It’s dark e-romcom, a friends-to-lovers story. You don’t have to read Club Imperial, but it helps. It’s the start of a new series, The Vault: City of Steel. I’m going to be writing a lot more about the characters. I have a soft spot for me Club Imperial people.

Buy The Vault Now

-The other two are in another anthology, Magic and Alphas. The first is a solo dragon shifter called Darkwater, about a little theif and a big dragon. It’s the start of a new series for me called Pine Valley, where there are all kinds of magical people living among the humans and trying to keep their secrets. The other in the same anthology is a co-write with the impeccable Scarlett Dawn, called Queen of Gods. It’s a vampire story, and it’s a dark romance. There’s a lot of points of humors, but make no mistake, those vampires are vicious!

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Perma-Free by Katherine Rhodes

Con-Free Always

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Don’t forget to Stalk Katherine Online! @mistress_kayr @thekittylover


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