Spotlight Sunday: Carrie Thomas

Meet our Spotlight Sunday featured author Carrie Thomas!
Carrie Thomas is the author of young adult and new adult romances. When she’s not writing or reading, you can find her traveling the U.S. or stalking her favorite bands. She lives in the South with her husband and two sons. Aside from traveling, any time spent with her family she considers a good day. She’s a firm believer that book lovers should stick together.

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We got a chance to dig in and ask Carrie some questions about life, writing, and her newest release!

TBBB: Where are you from?

CT: Jonesboro, Arkansas

TBBB: If you had to perform in a talent competition right now, what would your talent be?

CT: Hmm…this is sad. I think I’d just be the loser. haha

TBBB: What’s your favorite movie quote? 

CT: Feeling funky right now, so… “Hey, you guys!”–Goonies

TBBB: Tell us a fun fact about yourself that would surprise your readers.

CT: I was on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon! Met him too. Well, not so much introduced myself formally… it was more like, “Hey! How you doin’?” When I saw him in the elevator. 😉

TBBB: Okay, back to books, what genres do you write?

CT: I write New Adult romance, YA romance, YA suspense and Adult suspense.

TBBB: What is your inspiration?

CT: I think mostly real life. I write about love because everyone can relate to it. Most people have either had it, lost it, or wanted it.

TBBB: Tell us about your latest book?

CT: Travesty is my latest release. Think enslaved boy. An abducted girl, and the travesty they live in order to survive. It is a darker themed YA, and more about the emotional connection between two people who had a horrible moment in their lives and pushed through it to make their future what they wanted it to be.

TRAVESTY EBOOK COVER.jpgWaking up in a house she doesn’t recognize, sixteen-year-old, Sophia Sawyer, tries not to let the blankness of her mind terrorize her from the inside out. How can she not know who she is? How has she ended up chained in a basement? Trying to work through her fear, she sets her sights on escaping. When an opportunity arises, she puts her trust in a boy she doesn’t know, praying he will save her life.

At age four, Abram Scott learned life owes him nothing, while fourteen taught him how to throw a punch—and take one. Seventeen though… seventeen provides him with the best and worst year of his life. Before he is old enough to fight for his country, he will escape his own personal hell, save a life, live a lie, break the law, fall in love, betray that love… then lose it.

Letting Sophia go while not knowing if she will return, turns into the scariest decision Abram will ever make. But that’s the problem with living a lie; at some point, you have to decide which one is your truth.






Piper Front Cover.jpgPiper (A Dream Girls novel)

Book 1


How far would you go to achieve happiness? What if it meant letting go of everything you’d once believed in?

Piper Allen is looking to spread her wings and unfortunately, her podunk hometown in Missouri is stunting her spiritual growth. Moving to Dallas to finish up college with her two friends, Stephanie and Nicole, she hopes to challenge herself to reach new heights. Her bohemian ways allow her to float through relationships frequently and with ease; when there are no strings attached, there is no chance of being hurt.

Texas rancher, Moye McKenzie, is a no nonsense, good ol’ boy, who doesn’t play games where matters of the heart are concerned. When this straight-shooter walks into Piper’s life, sparks fly and tempers flare. Wanting to give her the life she deserves, Moye has to show her that getting hurt can happen whether you’re holding onto the reins or not.

If she could just let go, Piper might be surprised to find she’s someone’s dream girl.


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