Spotlight Sunday: Jackson Kane


TBBB: Where are you from?

JK: The fitful, steamy part of your dream that wakes you up three hours before your alarm feeling a little short of breath.

TBBB: If you had to perform in a talent competition right now, what would your talent be?

JK: I love a challenge and am a sucker for a bad idea. So I’d probably pick something at random and see if i was any good at it. Is juggling flaming tricycles a thing?

TBBB: What’s your favorite movie quote? (Make sure to include the name of the movie)

JK: “It can’t rain all the time” -The Crow

TBBB: Tell us a fun fact about yourself that would surprise your readers. 

JK: I’m pretty inclusive about my fun facts. I doubt my readers would be surprised by anything I throw out there now. Let’s see… I’m an adventurer, stuntman, artist with delusions at being a musician. Oh! Double jointed thumbs. That smoking hot revelation is just for you, TBB blog

TBBB: Who’s your favorite cover model?

JK: Hopefully me in a few months(but you didn’t hear that from me)

TBBB: Okay, back to books, what genres do you write?

JK: Romance contemporary. Billionaires and bad boys for daaaaaaayyyyss!

TBBB: What is your inspiration?

JK: The loves I’ve lost and the loves that could’ve been.

TBBB: Tell us about your latest book?

JK: Mr Lucky by me and Nora Flite (2/20/17):

Could you share a bed with a smoking-hot stranger?

I’m stuck in my hometown with a depressing job and no future.

So when my best friend asks me to drive all the way to NYC so I can be her maid of honor, I jump on the chance to escape.

Or I would have, if my car hadn’t broken down.

I’ve never been lucky. Then HE shows up—a guy straight out of a fitness magazine, wearing a sharp suit—and he actually fixes my engine.

I’d love it if he’d fix a few other things of mine, but I’m in a rush. I don’t think I’ll see him again.

Except here he is, staying at the same hotel as me.

Turns out they lost my reservation. My mystery man offers to save the day again; I can sleep in my car and probably get arrested for it, or I can share his bed.

He says nothing will happen between us… unless I want it to.

I should know better than to hook up with someone I met 24 hours ago. I might regret this in the morning, but for once in my life?

I just want to get lucky.

Too bad I don’t know who this man really is.

And when I find out…

My whole world is going to change.

JK: I’m also working on a stuntman billionaire book.

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