Spotlight Sunday: S.L. Romines

It’s time to meet our Spotlight Sunday featured author SL Romines!!!!

TBBB: Where are you from?SL: The Rom Com writer in me would say, “I’m from my V-Town, straight out my mama’s cooter!” but since <cough> I’m trying to be professional <smile> I guess the best answer would be Southern California. I’m a born and raised Cali girl!

TBBB: If you had to perform in a talent competition right now, what would your talent be?

SL: Well, I’m not a very talented person. It’s the truth. I suck-o at anything talent related. However, if I had to choose something I guess it would be singing. When I was younger I had convinced myself that I was the next Star Search superstar. And referencing Star Search right now, I just showed my age. 😉

TBBB: What’s your favorite movie quote? (Make sure to include the name of the movie) 

SL: My favorite movie quote is hands down, “I’m scared of everything! I’m scared of what I saw, of what I did, of who I am. And most of all, I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you,” from Dirty Dancing. Let’s just say that when I was younger I could nearly recite the entire movie. 😉 

TBBB: Tell us a fun fact about yourself that would surprise your readers. 

SL: One little tib-bit about me that might surprise my readers is that I’m not very sunny in real life. No, it’s true. My family says that I have a permanent scowl and that my jokes are bland, and I beg to differ with them. 😉 

TBBB: Who’s your favorite cover model?

SL: That’s pretty hard to say because there are so many amazing cover models out there that it’s hard to pick just one.

TBBB: Okay, back to books, what genres do you write?

 SL: Currently I write Romantic Comedy. I’ve tried to dip my toes in other genres but it’s a no-go. I always seem to come back to the funny stuff.

TBBB: What is your inspiration?

SL: Hands down my inspiration are my children. Those three people quite literally keep me going. I am so blessed to be their mother and thankful everyday for them because without them, life would be truly boring! 😉

TBBB: Tell us about your latest book?

SL: My latest book is called Beautiful Ink. Its book one in the Inked Beauty Series and it was such a blast to write. It’s a romantic comedy that revolves around the bond and friendship of seven women who run a tattoo shop in Southern California. It also revolves around a love interest that has spanned over several years. It touches on subjects of friendship, sisterhood, love, illness, and humor that will quite possibly make you laugh-out-loud!





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