Spotlight Sunday: Olivia Dannon

Meet Olivia Dannon!!!

Author BioI was raised in a big, happy, rowdy family where imagination and love were nourished. I am happily married with two lovely children and rambunctious dog and teething puppy!

 Romance and Happily Ever Afters filled with adventure and sometimes suspense is what I love to write most. I also love to read, don’t we all? Aside from that I like to do service when I can, and although I would say I’m a hiking kind of gal, I love to be outside on a warm sunny day.  

I love to hear from her readers so drop me a line here or on Facebook and if you enjoy my books I’d really appreciate a review, it helps me tremendously! Thank you for reading and for your support.

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Heatwave (Heatwave Series Book 1)



When a whisper of a trail presents itself for Rachel Stewart to track down Angelo Donati, Rachel leaps at the chance. She didn’t ever imagine the trail would land her smack in the middle of a mafia scene. She finds she’s a pawn in their twisted game.

Angelo is different than the man she knew a few years ago, but he’s still just as bad-boy-sexy, strong, and charismatic as humanly possible. His actions to save her lead them into hiding where she will be in close quarters with Angelo, a man she once loved but doesn’t know if she can trust.

When the enemy strikes close to home, they awaken a Heatwave in Angelo, finding first hand, there is nothing he won’t do when it comes to protecting what’s his.

Love You in December (Heatwave Series Book 2)


Rachel and Angelo are trying to settle into the new life the Witness Protection Program set them in, but it isn’t easy!

Not when they’ve been recognized by a killer.

They’ve overcome so much but coming back from a tangle with death will take a miracle!

Burning Ice (Heatwave Series Book 3)


Chessie has finally escaped the mafia, or has she?

Sexy as hell, FBI Agent Greg Donovan is her best shot at making her court date alive. Chessie’s got a Mafia Boss hunting her down to shut her up for good.

Danger is at every turn and it’s not a good time to have his mind clouded with lust. 

Not often on the right side of the law Chessie is surprised to find she’s got it bad for her new partner in operation, Burning Ice.

Where There’s Smoke (Heatwave Series Book 4)


Bella Struthers, recent widow, is determined to find out what really happened to her Navy SEAL husband. His mysterious death has her heart in a vise. Answers are her only ticket to freedom.

Vincent Belluci moved to Peaches, Colorado a year ago, meeting Bella on his first day. He’s wanted there ever since. Her witty, quick tongue and fearless nature strokes his libido like no other. But… she was married and off limits.

Now that she’s not, how long is he supposed to wait?

Joining forces with Bella, Vince hopes to help her gain closure. However, getting answers from Navy SEALs is turning out to be a deadly game. Bodies are piling up. It’ll take all his old mobster life know-how to get them both out alive.

Even if they do miraculously survive, will Bella and Vince have a chance at a happily ever after of their own? 

Paladin’s Promise (The Guardian Collection Book 1)


Savannah swore never to tell what happened the night she married Klaas.

Clinging to her assigned guardian, Savannah is determined to survive her new environment.

Marek is a man of honor and the guardian sworn to protect Savannah. He can’t stop himself from loving her and the threat to Savannah’s safety is escalating.

If Marek is to protect Savannah he is to turn on his own. In a choice between family and love Marek must decide whether to keep or disregard the promise that determines her fate.

In this Dystopian Romance full of passion and suspense, Marek will discover that some promises are worth keeping.

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