Spotlight Sunday: T.L. Travis


Our Spotlight Sunday author this week is T. L. Travis, here’s a little more about her.

TL Travis is the author of The Sebastian Chronicles along with numerous other erotic novelettes (and many more in the works), The Elders Trilogy –an erotic paranormal (Vampire) romance novel series and many non-fiction articles.

In her spare time she likes to fish, enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer, spin spicy erotic webs for readers to enjoy, and rescue any 4 legged lost souls she comes across. Since her children are grown and have flown the coop, she’s taken to spoiling her two deaf white boxers even more so than they were before.

Now for the interview portion of our Spotlight Sunday Feature:

TBBB: Where are you from?  

TL: Originally from VA but now reside north of Seattle

TBBB: If you had to perform in a talent competition right now, what would your talent be? 

TL: I wish singing but sadly, I do not possess that gift.  I’m not sure I have any real talents, but if I had to choose something I would say quickly spinning an erotic tale.

TBBB: What’s your favorite movie quote?

TL: “Housekeeping, you want me fluffy pillow?”

TBBB: Okay, back to books, what genres do you write? Erotic romance, erotic paranormal romance, what is your inspiration?

TL: My cabana boy 🙂

TBBB: What made you write your first book?

TL: An argument with my ex-husband

TBBB: Tell us about your latest book?

TL: The Sebastian Chronicles is a 5 book erotic paranormal novelette series.  Each book depicts a century in the life of Sebastian Benoit since his Vampiric inception in the 16th century. Each book elevates the heat content as the story moves to modern day.

black and white male model topless sexy torso

To learn more about T.L. and her books check her out online:

To view TL Travis literary and photography works please visit her website at

TL Travis can also be followed on Facebook at

Or via twitter at

And as always please remember – adopt a pet, don’t shop. Saving that life will provide you with a lifetime of unconditional love.

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