Spotlight Sunday: Maria Bernard

image1This week our Spotlight Sunday featured author is Maria Bernard. Maria literally eats, sleeps and dreams with romance in mind. One day the idea to share the many stories and scenarios that swirl endlessly in her mind came to pass. 

Dare to share in her adventures in love and romance. Maria’s stories are heavy on emotion and focus intimately on each of the characters as thoughtful, sensitive individuals.

Hand In Glove is her first full length novel but definitely not her last. Fall in love with the characters as they fall in love with each other.

As always, we asked Maria some questions to get to know her a little better.

TBBB: Where are you from?

MB: Toronto, Canada

TBBB: If you had to perform in a talent competition right now, what would your talent be?

MB: “Freestyle Dancing!”

TBBB: What’s your favorite movie quote?

MB: “Stay alive! What ever you do, just stay alive!”

TBBB: Okay, back to books, what genres do you write?

MB: Contemporary, New Adult, Rock Star Romance

TBBB: What is your inspiration?

MB: Artists, musicians, free thinkers and those who dare to be different.

TBBB: What made you write your first book?

MB: A bout with insomnia coupled with the desire to write books I wanted to read but couldn’t find.

TBBB: Tell us about your latest book?

MB: House of Goths by Maria Bernard is a New Adult • College • Rock Star Romance 


House of Goths by Maria Bernard

New Adult • College • Rock Star Romance

Not Your Average Fraternity House

♡ Caution: Highly Addictive Content ♡

3 Goths, 1 Steampunk, 1 Mundane Girl… Sharing a Fraternity House? Why not?

Synopsis: All Becky wants is a nice place to live…

Becky Sparks is a sweet, average girl who refuses to spend her college years in a lonely, soul destroying dorm, surrounded by people who don’t care enough to ask her name. Bassist Kelley Keele is a Goth with a dark past. He resides at what he and his equally eccentric bandmates, Crispin, and Dorian, like to refer to as the House of Goths.

On the first day of class, these two polar opposites literally crash into each other. Mesmerized by his overwhelming persona, Becky forms an instant bond with the scary Goth with red streaks in his hair. So much so that when she spies him putting up an ad for a fourth housemate, Becky jumps at the chance to move in, away from her dreary life at the unfriendly dorm. The problem is, well, she’s a girl and a mundane one at that.

♡•°○♫°•☆ Excerpt ☆•°○♫°•♡

“Sorry about last week, Becky,” he said with a sorrowful frown.

“For what exactly?” she asked, slightly taken aback. If anything, she should be apologizing to him for being such a burden. Even though she knew that Kelley had been her primary caregiver, Dorian was never too far behind. Often bringing her tea, water, and tissues.

He looked guiltily at her as though he’d done something unforgivable. “For what I said last week, about you being a girl. As if that should be enough reason to not welcome you here.”

“Oh… that’s all right,” she said with a tiny shrug.

It wasn’t really okay, though. It had hurt her feelings at the time. Not to mention the fact that none of them had stuck up for her, not even Kelley. It wasn’t her fault that she was female. She’d been simply hoping for a place to live with people that were kind and respectful.

“No, it’s not,” he said with remorse. “I made it sound as if you wouldn’t be safe here. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, Becky, you’ll never be safer than here with us… with me.”

© 2016 House of Goths, Maria Bernard















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