Review: Reap by Tillie Cole

By K.A. Ware
In celebration of Tillie Cole’s release of Ravage, book three in the Scarred Souls series, yesterday I wanted to review Reap the second book in the series. Now, anyone who knows me is aware of the slightly obsessive Tillie Cole fangirl in me. Every time someone asks me to list my favorite authors or the authors that inspire me, Cole is at the top of my list. Not only does she write broken souls like no author I’ve ever read, she repairs them in such a raw and emotional way, you don’t have a choice but to let your heart bleed and then fall in love right along with her characters. Such is the story of Zaal and Talia. 

I will say, no one will ever surpass my love for Flame from Cole’s Hangmen series, but Zaal is a close second. 

The book opens up a few months after the events at the end of Raze. We get to catch up with Luka and Kisa as almost a continued epilogue. We knew that settling back into the Bratva life wouldn’t be easy for Luka, but damn if Cole didn’t rip my heart out with that first chapter. 

Luka is determined to avenge 362 and will stop at nothing until he makes good on the promise he gave to his dying friend. It is then that the story unravels to reveal 362 as Anri Kostava heir to the Kostava clan and sworn enemy of the Volkov Bratva. However, Luka will not be swayed by the rivalry of his family. He vows to save Anri’s brother Zaal from the clutches of Jakhua, the Georgian that captured and tortured them all for the sake of money. 

Throughout the story we see Zaal, a broken man, beat down by the evil Jakhua and his obedience drugs, trying to recapture his memories and find the humanity in himself that has long since been repressed. 

Talia, Luka’s sister, becomes fascinated with the dark and dangerous Zaal. I was waiting on bated breath when they first met, and it felt as though I didn’t release it until the final page was turned. Their story was all consuming, rife with heartbreak and sorrow, but also hope and love. 

I adored the way Cole developed the characters and their feelings for each other. This book was the perfect combination of horror, angst, grief, and love. Cole is a master of scarred souls and this book was no exception. 

Needless to say, I will continue to one-click Cole’s books without even reading the blurb. Every one of her books is just that good. 

My hat is off to you Ms. Cole, you are now and forever will be a Queen in my book. 

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