Character and Author Interview with K.A. Ware

Welcome to Twisted Bitches Book Blog, I’m your host, Cora Kenborn. Gentlemen…and lady. This will be a round table type forum. Please wait your turn to speak. If you all yell sh*t out at one time, I can’t hear you and it will be a big hot mess. So, watch your pie hole and listen to me and this will go smoothly, Capiche?

Okay. First of all, let’s start Elena, since ladies are always first.

CK: Elena, you were a house keeper at the DeLuca estate. It took some pretty big balls to sneak around with Vincenzo in his own father’s house. Have you always been a gutsy chick?

Elena: No, not exactly. The way my relationship with Vincenzo developed felt so much bigger than anything I’d ever experienced before. Sure, I worried about getting caught doing something I knew I shouldn’t, but I was young. Honestly, I was more worried about not being with him than I was about any repercussions.

CK: Carlo? You’re awfully quiet over there. Does this bother you to hear about your father? You don’t seem to be close at all.

Carlo: No.

CK: Antonio, can you please put your gun away? We don’t allow firearms at the roundtable. Yes, and your knife too please. Now, you’re Vincenzo’s nephew correct? How did you end up in this twisted Brady Bunch?

Antonio: I came to work for my uncle when I was twenty, never left.

CK: <grins> Hi Angelo. How YOU doin’? You’re lookin’ fine today.  Oh, hmmm? Question? Uhhh, not right now. You’re single right? 

Angelo: Definitely.

CK: Good to know. Back to you in a minute. Enzo, what is your role in this family? You look to be a more camo than suit guy.

Enzo: You had me pegged right away, didn’t you? I’m a former Marine, so yeah the monkey suit took some time to get used to. As for my role in the family, I’m in charge of the enforcers. I make sure the guys on the street knocking heads together bring in the money.

CK: I’m sorry Antonio can you stop staring? It’s creeping me out. How did you react when you were air dropped in this feud with your uncle and cousin? It seems to be a situation to walk away from immediately.

Antonio: For most, that would be the case, but not me. It was clear from the beginning which side I would need to be on when the dust settled so I bided my time and did my job. It’s easy to pretend when you can see five steps ahead of the enemy.

CK: Elena, why didn’t you and Antonio hit the road?

Elena: Things were not so simple.

Antonio: I don’t back down from a challenge.

CK: I’ve been here five minutes and I would have. Except for you Angelo. I would have taken you with me. What’s your job here? You have plans tonight? Or in five minutes? Say something in Italian.

Angelo: We playing a rapid fire round? All right, I’ll play for now, but for the record, I like to take my time. First, I’m head of security for the estate, most of the time you can find me behind a computer or setting up some kind of surveillance equipment. Second, I think I’m about to solidify my plans for tonight right now. And Third, Hai degli occhi belli. You have lovely eyes.

CK: What about you Enzo? You have a girlfriend? What do you like in a woman?

Enzo: No girlfriend. I like my women with plenty of attitude. There’s nothing like a woman that can bust your balls one minute and then be… well you get the idea.

CK: Very interesting. I think to end this little family reunion; any last words, thoughts, comments, questions before we wrap? Angelo? Maybe something else in Italian?

Angelo: <chuckles> So che non posso avere la tua ciliegia, ma posso avere la scatola è entrato?

Elena: ANGELO!

Angelo: Ow, shit Elena, did you have to use the hand with the rings?

Carlo: Jesus Christ!

Enzo: My Italian is rusty but did he just say what I think he said?

Antonio: Fucking Hell, yeah he did.

CK: What? Someone better tell me what he just said, I have to know!

Antonio: He said: ‘I know I can’t have your cherry, but can I have the box it came in’

CK: Whoa, alright then. Moving on…


I asked K.A. some questions so you guys could get to know a little more about her. 

CK: Where are you from?

KW: Portland, Oregon

CK: Tell us about your family?

KW: Oy! Trying to explain my family and how we’re all related to each other could take days. No seriously, the running joke is that the family could book an entire month on Jerry Springer. But all joking aside, at the end of the day, we’re a big family that love and support and torment each other. I know that the people I’m lucky enough to call my family have my back always, I’m a lucky lady.

CK: How long have you been writing?

KW: Since I was a teenager. I have old notebooks filled with character descriptions and plotlines.

CK: What made you start writing?

KW: When I was in eighth grade I had a teacher that really ignited my love for storytelling and she gave me the confidence I needed to find my voice. She was a total boss bitch.

CK: What gave you the idea for your first book, Omertà?

KW: I was camping and had this super vivid day dream. It was the entire opening scene to Omertà just running through my mind in a loop. I snatched up a notebook and spend the rest of the trip writing by the fire. My hand was cramped to shit and writing my lantern light is not easy, but something in me just said ‘quit your bitching, this is something’, so I listened.

CK: Who were/are your inspiration authors?

KW: There are so many and they are all amazing but inspiring in different ways. Like Colleen Hoover, I remember reading slammed and it just rocked me to my core. I hope that one day I can tug on people’s emotions the way she does. Tillie Cole, Jesus, that woman can write a tortured character like nobody’s business, and her plotlines are so fucking fresh. I feel the same way about Karina Halle, there is just something so unique about the way she tells a story. I just love everything about both of them. Penelope Douglas and Jay Crownover are my angsty queens, if I need to get in that mindset they are always my go to’s. When it comes to comedy, I’m all about Tara Sivec and R.L. Mathewson. The list can go on and on so I’ll just stop there.

CK: Who do you like to read when you have time?

KW: In addition to the authors I listed before, I never miss a new release from: Harper Sloan, Alice Clayton, Helena Hunting, Joanna Wylde, Kylie Scott, T.M. Fraizer, Tijan, Sarah Brianne, Tammy Falkner, JB Salsbury, Nicole Jaquelyn, and L.A. Casey. These are my top one-clickers. I don’t even read the blurb, whatever they come out with I know I’m going to love.

CK: Hobbies?

KW: Aside from the all encompassing book world, I love to go camping, shooting, and mudding. Live music = life, so I like to go to a lot of shows, lucky for me Portland has a pretty kick ass music scene.

CK: What would readers be shocked to know about you?

KW: Jesus, I don’t know. I know sign language? My grandparents are deaf so I learned to sign at the same time I learned to talk.

CK: Three words to describe you?

KW: Loyal, generous, great tits (that counts as one word, right?)

CK: How would your closest friends describe you on a dating site?

KW: They actually have. It went something like this: She doesn’t need you so don’t be a whiney bitch, she just wants your dick, not your feelings. Needless to say I’ve been single for a while…

CK: What would you do if you had a whole day to yourself?

KW: I love to cook so I’d probably make something way more elaborate than necessary for one person and sit down in my super comfy reading chair with a book.

CK: What genre do you wish you could write but think you couldn’t?

KW: Not just like PNR, but full on fantasy. I’m not sure I could create an entire world like that, never say never though…

CK: Sum up your personality in a one-line motto.

KW: If it scares you, you’re doing it right.

CK: Your alphas, what makes them tick?

KW: Carlo is all power, strength, and authority. He’s constantly thinking about all the pieces of the puzzle and what he needs to do to keep the upper hand. Enzo is sweet, sexy, and adventurous. He’s the kind of guy that will throw you a birthday party and then screw you on the balcony overlooking your entire family. Angelo is a lover, he’s sensual, he’ll whisper in Italian in your ear as he fucks you. He’ll give you the best night of your life, because he’s a no-repeat kinda guy. Antonio on the other hand, oh boy. Every look, every touch is equal parts dangerous and erotic. He can see into your soul and expose you’re every desire.

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