Summer Lovin’ Facebook Hop

summerlovingYou’re Invited for Some Summer Lovin’

On August 5th-8th, join your TWISTED BITCHES admins, Cora Kenborn, KA Ware, co-host, author Aimee McNeil and a collection of romance authors for a weekend of giveaways!

Win prizes with a few clicks on a Facebook page!

Here’s how it works:

All you have to do is visit the authors’ Facebook pages and look for their hop post. Each author will host their own personal giveaway, so follow their directions on how to enter, and follow the link provided to the next author’s page.

Here’s the full list of participating authors:

Cora Kenborn

KA Ware

Heather Dahlgren

Sarah Alexander

Ani Gonzalez

A.L. Vincent

Jamie Lynn Boothe

Marianne Rice

Sheri Lynn

Melinda Valentine

Christa Cervone

Lindsay Detwiler

Natalina Reis

Sandra Kyle

Kiarra M.Taylor

Ysa Arcangel

Lily Graison

Allison Gatta

Dani René

R.C. Martin

Hayley Faiman

Anise Storm

Penny Harmon

Anna Brooks

LP Maxa

Nicole Richard

Jennifer Allis Provost

Renea Porter

Sara Schoen

Aimee McNeil


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