Spotlight Sunday: Allie Cooke


Indie author and die-hard Southern girl, Allie Cooke has been reading and writing romance since she was old enough to hold a crayon, so a future as a romance writer wasn’t very farfetched for her. From billionaire to blue collar, from CEO to sexy entrepreneur, whether they’re wearing jeans or suits, Allie’s always had a thing for hot, hunky Alphas who need to be saved from themselves…usually with the help of the right woman. 

When she’s not writing, editing, or reading. Allie can be found cooking up mayhem in the kitchen or catching up on the latest and greatest TV shows with her favorite man


We asked Allie a few questions…

TBBB: Where are you from?

AC: Originally from Louisiana but now live in Texas! As they say, I got here as fast as I could!

TBBB: How long have you been writing?

AC: About ten years. I finally decided to take the plunge and self-publish this year. 

TBBB: What genres do you write?

AC: Dark erotic romance which I kind of stumbled into. I got the idea for DIRTY GIRL (my first book) and it was very different from some of the other contemporary stuff I’d tried. I also love writing paranormal romance…I have this series I’d love to publish!

TBBB: What is your inspiration?

AC: I love making stuff up? I used to tell myself stories, then I finally started writing them down. 

TBBB: What made you write your first book?

AC: My very first book? I don’t know…it’s been so long. I just finally decided to start writing down all the stories I was telling myself. DIRTY GIRL? I think I couldn’t NOT have written DIRTY GIRL. It was one of those stories that just demanded to be written.   

TBBB: Tell us about your latest book.

AC: DIRTY DEEDS is in the Curved Lines box set (now on sale for 99 cents!!). It’s a spin-off of DIRTY GIRL. The hero is best friends with the hero from DIRTY GIRL. Let’s just say there are some lines best friends should never cross–even when your best friend ASKS you to. Anyway, Jeff (the hero from DIRTY DEEDS) runs away to Galveston. He needs time to figure stuff out but he’s also developed a thing for a plus-sized CamGirl named Lolly. So he invites her to come keep him company and offers to pay her whatever she wants.She asks for a million dollars. LOL 

While DIRTY DEEDS is a complete story, I’d love to go back and spend more time with Jeff and Lolly. He’s had a charmed life. She hasn’t. He’s also got some unresolved sexual issues I’d like to … ahem… take a closer look at. Then there’s the idea of Lolly meeting Charity (the heroine from DIRTY GIRL). I can’t even imagine how epic that would be!




DIRTY DEEDS chapter 1: (rated NC-17) 

Curved Lines:



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