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Welcome to the thunder dome kids. 

We’re Cora and K.A. Authors, entrepreneurs, best friends, and reading fiends. We decided since the networks haven’t wised up and given us our own reality show yet that we’d just start a blog instead. This blog is about so much more than books, it’s about community. We’re here to share not only books, but promote authors, interact with readers, and most of all have fun! So strap in, or on (we don’t judge) because you’re in for a wild ride!

Cora Kenborn


Hey y’all! I’m your resident Southern belle, Cora, but don’t let the title fool you. I’m anything but demure. If I say, “bless your heart,” it isn’t a compliment. I’m a hybrid author with an amazing publisher who dabbles in indie side projects. I write contemporary and romantic suspense with just the right mix of danger and heat, however don’t get it twisted. I love a good Alpha, but my Cinderella’s can find their own damn shoes. Reading is my passion, writing is my life, and being a twisted bitch is the best. 
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K.A. Ware


Hey guys! My name’s K.A., but I’ll respond to just about anything. I’m an indie author and avid reader. I write romantic suspense, romantic comedy, and contemporary romance. I believe in the power of words, alpha females, and that special escape you get when you hunker down into a good book.                                                                                          

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You can find Cora and K.A. all over social media. Seriously, these bitches are everywhere. So if you want even more manic discourse, feel free to follow the links and stalk them on your social media platform of choice. 



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